John 11:27
She said to Him, "Yes, Lord, I believe You are the Christ,
the Son of God, who is to come into the world."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finding the Christmas Spirit 
in a 31' Airstream is 
a little like playing twister 
with 3 other people
in a closet with a puppy. 
At first glimmer it appears to be chaos.
In truth, it is tons of fun. 
Nathaniel and Rachel pose with our Christmas tree and Teysha our Australian Shepherd puppy.
The Christmas holiday was a wonderful time for family. Stephen, Rachel, Nate, and I decorated a little rosemary Christmas tree complete with lights. We cuddled and read the Bible most nights for our Advent tradition.

The kids sang carols correctly and with funny variations.  Then we were greatly blessed despite a touch of the tummy bug. Because, I was thrilled to see everyone. My parents, Mack and Leota, drove down on the 23rd and stayed into Christmas Day. They stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn where there was a wonderful breakfast available.

Nate shows off his fancy Rubick's Cube game while they all cuddle.
Rachel in her Princess Adelina dress with Nate on the luggage cart.

Their gifts of bicycles have Rachel on the move and Nate valiantly trying to keep up.
  The older girls arrived just in time to spend a few minutes with my parents before they needed to hit the road.  Rebekah, on leave from the Navy, hadn't seen them in a long while. The whole bunch of us gathered together at our trailer and in the nearby Candlewood Suites. 
It was a good day of family time and Wii.
Lissy gets a new toy!!
My in-laws, Carl and Cathy, arrived on Sunday when Stephen was at work.  We enjoyed Stephen's second day off on Monday and the kids ate all of Nanaw's homemade candy and pumpkin pie. 
Carl and Cathy open their gifts.
Nathaniel Crockett Hall needed those cool new boots.

I miss everyone being nearby but I love our life on the road.

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